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About Yi-Xing

Yi-Xing elementary school was originally a branch of Hsih-Shin Elementary School, we became independent in 1999. Then, we transformed into a Taoyuan bilingual innovative school in 2018. It’s the first public bilingual elementary school in Taiwan. Children are immersed into a bilingual environment from grade 1. International languages, such as Chinese, English and programming language are integrated in bilingual courses to foster students' English and programming abilities. With accumulated English and computing thinking abilities, students will be more capable of the digital use of AI in the future.


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The Curriculum Vision: LIFE 

L  ove

I  nnovation

F  un

E xcellence

Love refers to the motivation and passion in learning English. Innovation is the use of information technology, focusing on computational thinking. Through singing, dancing, and board game activities, students have Fun in learning English. Also, their learning proficiency reaches Excellence through virtual reality (AR, VR), AI and Internet connectivity experiences.

The school has 112 local teachers,
5 foreign teachers and around 1155 students. 39 classes in total. 

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