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I have been at Yixing Elementary School for more than three years and have had an awesome time here. Students get a chance to get fresh content every day. I try to make every effort to keep all the students' attention by making the lesson fun and engaging. It is interesting to see how the students feel more comfortable speaking English and they feel relaxed enough to try even if some struggle. I look forward to the years ahead.

Teacher Barbara


This is my 4th year teaching at Yi Xing Elementary School. It is a pleasure to work with teachers and students at Yi Xing. The staff at Yi Xing really cares about the future and overall well-being of students. Students are polite, friendly, and always ready to learn something new.

I believe students should learn by doing. At Yi Xing, Teachers have a lot of freedom and help to plan practical activities.

 I am confident that this school will reach its goals and I feel privileged to be part of the process.



I am a teacher who not only teaches but who is also learning daily from my students. We learn daily in English by having fun and playing. In doing so, the students start to think in English and learn this second language without realizing it.

I am a firm believer in learning by doing. That is why I ensure my students always have a safe environment to interact with, not only their peers but teachers as well.

I am excited to see what this year will bring and how the students will continue to grow daily!



I am grateful for being able to join the Yixing team! This is my first time in Taiwan, and I am deeply touched by the warm welcome from students and colleagues.

I believe it is important to create a positive and inclusive environment for students to practice English in. I know that learning and speaking a new language can be very intimidating and frustrating! To encourage students to speak English more, I constantly consider their needs and incorporate their interests into my lesson plans to create more opportunities for them to share and converse in English!

I am so excited for what this upcoming year has to offer!



Life is all about learning and growing as individuals within our societies and this ever-changing world. If we don’t step outside of our comfort zones, being challenged by and learning about other cultures and countries, we will never really know what this world or life is about. This also provides opportunities for us to grow and develop into better human beings. For this reason, I made a choice to become a teacher, in order to play my part in bettering the world.

My goal in Taiwan and Yi-Xing Elementary School is to grow both as a teacher and human being. I also hope to have a positive influence on everyone I meet and those I have the privilege to teach.

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