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Smart Classroom

In every classroom, we have a multi-function touch screen. The touch screen can be used as a digital blackboard and IRS(Interactive Response System) is installed, so that the students can enjoy interactive teaching during class.

Robot Study Mate

In Yi-Xing, robots are all around. We have Dash&Dot, Zenbo, T-Robot, and Kebbi. These robots serve as study mates for our students for different purposes such as programming, story reading, and English learning.

The Use of AR/VR

Yi-Xing has plenty of AR and VR devices. These devices aim to help students in self-learning and raising their interest in English.

English Smart Cloud

Since Yi-Xing is using various hardware like desktops, tablets, robots, etc., we are now building a platform called English Smart Cloud. This platform collects all the data from the above so that teachers can check students' learning conditions.

Interactive Response System (IRS)

IRS is installed on the touch screen in every classroom. Through IRS, teachers can group students and give tasks to students. The response from students can easily be displayed on the screen. IRS is a very effective tool and it benefits the students in many ways.

Face recommendation book system

Students can use the face recognition system to find the suitable books for themselves to read.

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