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One-third of the teaching hours are bilingual.

One-third of the teaching sessions are used for bilingual teaching at bilingual schools. Taking the first grade as an example, bilingual courses of life curriculum, computer, English, and morning reading are conducted by foreign teachers and English teachers.

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Bilingual Camp Activities

During the winter and summer vacations, bilingual camps are organized according to the students' abilities. Giving them diversified learning through hand-made activities, cooking classes and wild games.

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Not only do teachers cooperate with each other, but they also have to plan lessons together. By doing so, students' anxiety about learning English decreases, and their learning ability increases.

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English E-book


Using Raz-kids online materials and progressive reading courses improve students' English reading ability. In addition, the use of smart TV in class, iPads and other devices allow children to read e-books without time and space limitation.


English-Medium Instruction (EMI)

One of the features in Yi-Xing is that we use English to teach other subjects. Students not only learn English, but also learn through English.

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The Natural Approach in a Bilingual Environment

The classroom setting is key to the natural approach. We create a comfortable and stress-free environment where students are not afraid of making mistakes.

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