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School Features

Cultivate Students to Change the World


Bilingual Education

Keep Innovating, Look Forward to the Future

Love refers to the motivation and passion in learning English. Innovation is the use of information technology, focusing on computational thinking. Through singing, dancing, and board game activities, students have Fun in learning English. Also, their learning proficiency reaches Excellence through virtual reality (AR, VR), AI and Internet connectivity experiences.



Bilingual Teaching Is the Result of Action Research

There are two maker classrooms students can conduct programming learning, arithmetic reasoning, MAKER and other themed courses. That combined with digital reading, technological interaction, five-sense learning, hands-on experience, life application and other innovative teaching methods to develop children's skills needed for the future.


Accelerated Learning Academy

Teach for the Future

The workshop groups students based on their level of English. We choose suitable teaching materials for students to enhance their speaking and reading ability and evaluate students' performance through The General English Proficiency Test(GEPT).

For the beginner, We expand students' vocabulary through English songs and board games. We also provide reading classes.

For intermediate, We focus on speaking ability at the intermediate level class. Through our broadcast system, we create an immersive environment for learning English.

For advance, In addition to reading courses, we have Yi-Xing journalists. Students write down their questions and interview staff in the school. They are also trained as tour guides of our campus.

School Features

Cultivate Students to Change the World


Gifted Class

Dare to Change and Keep Changing

Yi-Xing Elementary School Gifted Program was established in 2005. It has transformed from English Language Gifted Program, Language Gifted Program, to General Intelligence Gifted Program in the year 2013. Currently, there are 2 classes consist of 47 students and 4 teacher staffs. Other than general subjects they receive in the original classrooms, gifted students have no more than 10 separated extensive courses to learn in depth and in breadth.
To fully develop students’ potential and good social adaptability, our program is committed to integrating the gifted students of the school into the general education environment and providing individualized teaching and counseling services. The course materials are united on a variety of themes, cultivating students’ creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills.


School clubs

Self-learning Brings Self-confidence

Let students learn a variety of after-school club activities to develop the spirit of teamwork among students. Incorporate what the students have learned into their life with extracurricular activities. We have several clubs, such as basketball, table tennis, Taekwondo, science, magic, board games, and programming design…etc. to help student find their interests of learning.

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